Inner Journey  Retreats

 Inner Journey Retreat is an Eco retreat combines environmental consciousness with spiritual reflection, offering participants a serene escape to reconnect with nature and deepen their spiritual practice. Set in natural surroundings, these retreats often include eco-friendly practices, meditation, yoga, and discussions on sustainable living. The aim is to foster a harmonious relationship between individuals and the environment, encouraging mindfulness and a sense of responsibility towards the planet. Participants engage in activities that promote both personal growth and ecological awareness, creating a holistic experience that nurtures the mind, body, and the earth.

Outdoor activities give the youth a chance to go out in nature in order to go inward within themselves. It's time to bring a balance back and nature is where it all starts. Families are so overwhelmed with technologies and society standards we don't have the opportunity to just get to know ourselves and our loved ones. This is a chance for you to explore "Who You Are" and bond with like minded people.