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Mindfulness Foundation is a non-profit corporation and shall operate exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.

eet  CEO Yogi MooYoung

Marco MooYoung is an internationally-traveled yogi and the Mindfulness Coach. he visited India and Central/South America, Marco returned to the US with fresh perspective. Desiring to live life to its fullest, he dived all in to adopting mindfulness as a lifestyle and not just a physical posture. Through travel, education, and self-awareness he realized that even when life has you flipped upside down (inversions) you can still stand strong. In addition to his four years of personal yogic practice, Marco has almost 20 years of professional medical experience.

Affable and wise, “MooYoung” is known as the overseer and shepherd over Meeyogi Tribe’s youth, and the associated programs. Having overcome his personal circumstances through mindfulness practices and self-discipline, Marco MooYoung has cultivated a passion for youth wellbeing; and even more specifically, the wellbeing of marginalized and disenfranchised youth. 

Through MooYoung’s integration of eastern and western philosophies and his application of “The Three M’s” (movement, mindfulness, and meditation), he is able to mentor youth exactly where they are at through real-life application of self-awareness and emotional regulation techniques.